‘’A hidden beauty can be found in the unseen, hidden micro world. To experience such wonder, you just need a different perspective’’

Sean Dingli was born in Malta in 1989. During most of his life he was on an ongoing search on how to express himself artistically. With a desire to discover a concealed world, unseen by the human eye, he creates his art with a process called Photomicrography; the process of taking photos using a microscope.

His artform involves the manipulation and processing of various chemicals until crystallization. The substance is examined, and various techniques are applied until an artistic imagery is exposed. The final result is what makes up the works of this artist.

Every piece portrays the imperfectly perfect laws of the universe and life itself. The composition and the intricate shapes every crystal manifests in an image could only be created at that point in time given the exact conditioning and replicating the same result is close to impossible.