Lorella Castillo was born in February 1998. She grew up in an environment in which the arts and entertainment both played a huge role, where she was mostly inspired by her grandfather, Paolo Camilleri Cauchi, a renowned artist. She strongly believes that any kind of art is a universal language one can use to communicate with. Along the way, she developed an immense love for travelling and photography, which she often loves to combine.


“It’s truly amazing that when people see your shots, they are able to associate with and understand your style. I believe that establishing a unique style is one of the most important factors when it comes to creating any kind of art. If you look at your surroundings and limit yourself to what everyone else sees, then you’ll only be able to capture what everyone else has already captured. It’s all about putting your own personality and vision into your work. I love looking for the “underrated” stuff with the aim of making it look extraordinary. Getting to know new people, discovering new cultures, and looking for new areas to photograph quenches the element of mystery that fuels my love towards being a travel enthusiast and a photographer at the same time.”