Joanne Fenech Portelli, born 1976, hails from Qrendi and lives in Luqa in Malta. She studied painting and drawing techniques under various local artists and followed workshops abroad with internationally renowned artists. Joanne has taught Art in the Primary for various years.

Since 2003 Joanne has been actively exhibiting in various local art exhibitions, and has also held several solo ones. The artist travels annually in Europe to participate in various International Painting Festivals where she also gets to exhibit her work alongside that of international artists. Joanne’s latest art solo exhibition, Inspirations, was in November 2019 at Palazzo Ferreria in Valletta, showcasing her latest plein air work during the previous two years from Malta, Gozo, Ireland, Holland and Sicily.

Joanne’s artwork reflects her visions and emotions depicted in various media according to the subject. Her versatility allows her to express herself in any medium, be it oils, acrylics, watercolour or pastel.

For Joanne, art is her passion and work.  An art teacher, mother and artist, Joanne Fenech Portelli expresses her feelings and emotions through her art, be it paintings or sculptures.  Her imaginative art is decorative, her landscapes poetical and peaceful, her portraits and figures expressive.  She reflects her visions and sentiments in her artwork which is depicted in various media according to the mood, subject or theme she is conveying to the viewer in this universal language of art.