“I aim to entice people to take a closer look at what we take for granted.”

A lover of colour and pattern – so is Stephanie Borg, a Maltese artist and designer who returned to Malta after a 10-year absence living mostly in the Sultanate of Oman – an experience that in luenced the artist’s passion for colour, pattern and texture. Ever since her return in 2008, Stephanie has made it her mission to reinterpret Malta’s daily life and culture with its full vibrancy and charm into a contemporary series of products and artworks. In 2012 Stephanie held her second solo exhibition that celebrated the mundane and all that we take for granted in our daily lives as Maltese, with a collection of original ink drawings.

Stephanie’s preferred medium is coloured inks which she applies layer after layer until the desired effect, opacity and vibrancy are achieved. This is a time-consuming technique which the artist applies meticulously.
The old Maltese cement patterned tiles and the Maltese traditional doors are Stephanie’s main source of inspiration from where she builds her cheerful yet elegant main collections that include objects of every day use such as Prints, Mugs and Espresso Cups, Placemats and Coasters, Journals and Art Cards, Aprons and Tea Towels as well as Cushions and 100% Silk scarves.

The Stephanie Borg Collections make up a brand that revisits the local not so far away past and traditions. Through her distinctive style, the artist communicates her passions in pursuit of local heritage preservation in a fresh and emotive approach.
The artist’s work has exported the local colours far and wide, and she has exhibited both locally and abroad. Stephanie has a permanent exhibition at the Magazino Hall at Valletta Waterfront. Her Studio Boutique is situated in Rabat, Malta.