“All my life I have had a passion for photography and travel quite extensively for it. I have tried and tested several techniques but my favourite area is long exposure fine art landscapes.
The long exposure imagery is an interesting and highly satisfying technique that I use to take several of my images, which when combined with monochrome processing, it contributes to the dreamscape and artistic feel I have always envisioned for my artwork.
I have always enjoyed the beauty and vastness of nature. In fact I prefer to travel to places where there are large stretches of countryside as opposed to busy cities. Even in Malta I prefer to find remote areas, which are sometimes difficult to access, to try to capture the shorelines and sister islands from a different angle.
I bring a lot of passion and dedication to every single image I take, whether it is the choice of location, the equipment I use or in post processing. I do my best to thrive to do better, to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. Over the years I have worked on various assignments including, exhibitions, books and charity events. I regularly lecture at the Maltese Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP), and have achieved the Fellowship level with the UK Societies, with a long exposure Panel, which was later reciprocated by the MIPP. I enjoy photography as a means of relaxation rather than a choice of work as I like to do what I want and experiment in the areas I like.”