Sylvana Xuereb (b. 1961) is a Maltese visual artist. Her greatest influence is the smell of the sea and the sound of cantering horses. Her world is a combination of all that is artistic.

Sylvana’s richly saturated watercolours border on abstract interpretations of the way she feels, dreams, loves and ultimately decorates her home. In its spontaneous style of expression, her art has become for her a source of meditation executed with simplicity through a subconscious inner vision. The results are decorative and uplifting; a resonance of colour and freedom which is bursting to be shared.

Following her natural talents in interior design and dress design, Sylvana Xuereb began her career in the early eighties as a Visual Merchandiser working for Swatch in California focusing on designing displays, stands and panels for exhibitions, conferences and other events. Her work involved researching the many aspects which would lead to what is needed for design ideas. Returning to Malta in 1992, she delved into property conversions which involved interior design, sourcing materials and project management, until an unexpected turn of events led to serious health issues. This served as the catalyst that helped transform a personal journey of conflict into a journey of self expression, revitalizing her enthusiasm and energy, leading to explore the world of painting. This world developed naturally where from painting casually with friends, she became the student of the established artists and art teachers: Debbie Caruana Dingli, Tonio Mallia and Doranne Alden and has found her new freedom of expression through her art.

She is currently working on a project to develop a collection of her watercolours into Limited edition fine art giclee prints on Hahnemühle FineArt 305 GSM cotton paper with chrome inks.